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Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company (“We” or “Us”) each respect the privacy

of visitors to its websites, and, as a result, We have developed this website privacy statement. This website

privacy statement applies only to the operation of websites that directly link to this privacy statement within

the content and/or navigation (e.g., footer) of the site.


Please read this privacy statement carefully. By using this site, you agree to the terms of this privacy

statement. This privacy statement may change from time to time, so please check back often. Should you

have any questions about this privacy statement or our data collection and use practices, please see our

contact information below.


Through this website We will collect information you provide such as your name, address, telephone number,

email address, and other similar information ("Your Information") (however, see discussion below about "IP

Addresses"). We will use Your Information to respond to requests you may make of Us, and from time to

time, We may refer to Your Information to better understand your needs and how We can improve our

websites, products and services. We may also use Your Information to contact you and/or provide you with

general health information (like information on certain health conditions) as well as information about our

products and services. We may also enhance or merge Your Information with data obtained from third

parties for the same purposes.


Any other information ("Other Information" that is, information that does not directly identify you)

transferred by you in connection with your visit to this site which may include your IP Address and other

information gathered through our weblogs and cookies (see below) may be included in databases owned and

maintained by Us or Our agents. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Lilly retain all rights to

these databases and the information contained in them.


This website may use technology (e.g., web beacons, pixel tags, single‐pixel‐gifs, etc.) to track your usage

across various web pages on our website and create a web log of such usage. Web log information includes

non‐personal information, such as the date and time you visited our site, the pages you visited, the website

you came from, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer), the type of operating system you

are using (e.g., Windows 2000), and the domain name and address of your Internet service provider (e.g.,

AOL). If you provide your email address for Us to communicate with you, We may also use similar technology

in emails we send to you in order to determine if emails were opened and replied to or forwarded.

This website uses Google Analytics to track visitor data for the purpose of website optimization and to

determine which audiences are visiting the site.


Google Analytics uses a first‐party cookie and JavaScript code to collect information about visitors.

Visitors to this website who have javascript enabled are tracked using Google Analytics. This

information is used to administer and update the website. This site will be a more user‐friendly site if

we know which pages our users are visiting and how often and how key audiences are navigating the

content. Google Analytics does not capture personalized identification information such as: Name,

phone number, mailing address, social security numbers, etc. personal information but

anonymously tracks how visitors interact with a website, including where they came from and what

they did on a site. Google Analytics collects the following types of information from users:

Site Usage:


Visits, Page Views, unique views, bounce rate, average time on site, language, visitor country


Visitor Loyalty, recency, length & depth of visit

Browsers, operating systems, screen colors & resolutions, flash versions, java support

Mobile devices & carriers

Service Providers, Hostnames

Traffic Entry Source (i.e. search engines, direct traffic, referring sites)

Top Keyword performance

Top landing & exit pages


Google Analytics Opt‐Out Provision: Google analytics offers an opt‐out provision for website visitors

who do not want their data to be collected. You can receive more information about this option



Google’s Use of Data: Please note that Google and its wholly owned subsidiaries may retain and use,

subject to the terms of its Privacy Policy (located at, or such

other URL as Google may provide from time to time), information collected in your use of the Google



This website may use a technology called a "cookie". A cookie is a piece of information that our webserver

sends to your computer (actually to your browser file) when you access a website. Then when you come back

our site will detect whether you have one of our cookies on your computer. Our cookies help provide

additional functionality to the site and help Us analyze siteusage more accurately. For instance, our site may

set a cookie on your browser that keeps you from needing to remember and then enter a password more

than once during a visit to the site.


This website uses Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses. An IP Address is a number assigned to your computer by

your Internet service provider so you can access the Internet. Generally, an IP address changes each time you

connect to the Internet (it is a "dynamic" address). Note, however, that if you have a broadband connection,

depending on your individual circumstance, it is possible that your IP Address that We collect, or even

perhaps a cookie We use, may contain information that could be deemed identifiable. This is because with

some broadband connections your IP Address doesn't change (it is "static") and could be associated with your

personal computer. We use your IP Address to report aggregate information on use and to help improve the



You should be aware that this site is not intended for, or designed to attract, individuals under the age of 18.

We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person We actually know is an individual

under the age of 18.


Areas of this website that collect Your Information use industry standard secure socket layer encryption (SSL);

however, to take advantage of this your browser must support encryption protection (found in Internet

Explorer release 3.0 and above).


We may share Your Information and the Other Information collected on this site with agents, contractors or

our partners in connection with services that these individuals or entities perform for, or with, Us. These

agents, contractors or partners are restricted from using this data in any way other than to provide services

for Us (for example, providing you with requested materials).


We reserve the right to share the Your Information and the Other Information collected on this site to

respond to duly authorized information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law. In

exceptionally rare circumstances where national, state or company security is at issue (such as with the

World Trade Center terrorist act in September, 2001), We reserve the right to share our entire database of

visitors and customers with appropriate governmental authorities.

We may also provide Your Information and the Other Information collected on this site to a third party in

connection with the sale, assignment, or other transfer of the business of this website to which the

information relates, in which case We will require any such buyer to agree to treat the information collected

on this site in accordance with this privacy statement.


As a convenience to our visitors, this website may contain links to a number of sites that We believe may

offer useful information. The policies and procedures We described here do not apply to those sites. We

suggest contacting those sites directly for information on their privacy, security, data collection, and

distribution policies.


If you have any questions about our privacy statement, this website or its offerings, you may contact Us

online using our email address:‐ or you may write to Us via the

following address:


Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation

Attn: Public Affairs  Diabetes

P.O. Box 368

900 Ridgebury Road

Ridgefield, CT 06877


Please note that if your request is for contact list removal you may continue to receive materials while We

are updating our lists. Please also note that removing yourself from this contact list will not remove you from

any list developed through any other website maintained by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

and/or Eli Lilly and Company. To be removed from any other such list, please visit the website through which

you submitted your information, and then follow the instructions found on the website.


We may update this website privacy statement from time to time. When We do update it, for

your convenience, We will make the updated privacy statement available on this page.


Last Updated: January 18, 2014